SUP042 - Palladium ERP Integration and Setup

Accounts Payable
Understanding The Palladium / ERP e-Commerce Integration
This feature is available on Enterprise Edition  dating back from the 2012 version to current.
Palladium offers seamless integration into the AccountMate ERP solution, (other solutions on the way) catering for a full 360 degree solution by allowing Palladium Clients to switch Purchase Orders directly to their Vendor's ERP solution while authenticating Terms, Credit Limits, Stock Availability & Pricing all at the push of a button. In addition a synchronisation facility updates the Item Masterfile in Palladium with new or amended Stock Items, Stock Images as well as the Suppliers price for that item catering for Real-Time Vendor information in Palladium. In addition to this, the inventory enquiry function will also interrogate the availability of an item in all Palladium Warehouses as well as that at the Vendor (should the Vendor allow).
This not only supports a paperless environment but also alleviates the need to call the vendor saving an insurmountable time and money, and ensures that the Vendor offers unsurpassed 24/7/365 service to their Palladium Accounting Customers! 
Process Flow/ Setup
Client sets up ERP Integration on Vendor. The password is system generated based on the user terminal and stored on the ERP for authentication purposes. 
The synchronisation function downloads product information and pricing. 
Please note that optional function has been added to synchronise child / linked customers from the ERP to the customers in Palladium (where the Palladium Customer is set as the Parent Customer in the ERP) 
Once setup, the e-Submit function will be available to switch the order to the ERP supplier. 
Stock Enquiries
The standard stock enquiry function on the main toolbar below has been enhanced to include all available stocks for all ERP integrated suppliers. 
Once selected users can view the available stocks at their vendors on a real-time basis. 

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